Naruto is a masterpiece anime/manga that you will find in everyone’s top 10 list. The series, is one of the longest anime series having almost 700 episodes (including fillers). Some fans complain about the fillers of the series but not many of them are bad. Today we will be seeing 6 major reasons why Naruto is the greatest of all time anime.

List of 6 Reasons Why Naruto Is The GOAT Anime

1. Growing up with characters

Naruto is an anime that begins with childhood and ends with adulthood & further growth. At the beginning of the series, the anime brings all the characters that the watchers will be following in the journey along with Naruto.

Naruto Gang, Shikamaru, Choji, Sakura, and many more., Image via Sportskeeda.
A still from Naruto., Image via Sportskeeda.

This is something that directly connects with the audience following their childhood to teen life.

2. Great Sensei

The main target audience of the shonen series, Naruto is young children entering teenage life. The series directly connects with the teenage mind, the thing children can relate to. This anime acts as a perfect carrier of teachings parents wanted to give their children. Along with teachings, Sensei like Jiraiya, Kakashi, Iruka and many more live with you for your whole life.

Naruto and Jiraiya, Naruto main characters, Image via fiction horizon
Naruto & Jiraiya, Image via fictionhorizon

Also, Jiraiya is the favorite among various characters of the series. Iruka being always there for our hero, Kakashi‘s fighting style and Jiraiya‘s teachings and funny mood are great scenes among the series. From never giving up on your dreams to beating talent with hard work, this anime is always ahead of others in terms of teachings.

3. Well Defined Villains

Not only the heroes, but villains of the series are also great & memorable. Every villain whether Madara or Pain comes up with different motivations, origins, powers & dreams. Some of the well-written villains Orochimaru, Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Obito, and Pain are some great villains with different ideologies & inspirations. Akatsuki, agroup of rogue ninjas from different hidden villages, will make you fall in love with them.

Pain, Villain of Shippuden, Image via aminoapps
Pain Villain from Naruto, Image via aminoapps

Madara‘s speech about life is one of the great things you will love from this anime. A great & most well-written character in the series is Uchiha Itachi, can’t tell him a villain. Every member of the Akatsuki group is special in their way. The watchers of Naruto know why.

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4. Characters for everyone

Naruto involves a great variety of characters that any user feels get connected with. Viewers & Readers can directly connect with the emotions of their characters. Moreover, the cast of the series is so huge that there is a character for every watcher out there. The motivation of Rock Lee, Childhood of Gaara, Pain of Sasuke, and much more, you will feel every emotion of the characters in the anime.

 Main characters of Shippuden series, Itachi, Kakashi, Minato, Image via Sportskeeda
Some characters from Naruto, Image via Sportskeeda

Fight between Rock Lee and Gaara during chunin exams is unforgettable. Sasuke‘s desire for revenge and fighting moves, every person in the series will make you feel special.

5. Heart hitting Soundtrack

The Naruto series has a great soundtrack system. Whether it’s background music or OST you will listen to them on repeat. The music theme of the series is a mix of traditional Japanese music & modern style making it truly amazing. Some of the best music of the series are Bluebird, Silhouette, Sadness & Sorrow & many more.

image of naruto opening soundtracks, Image via whatnerd
Visual from Naruto OST, Image via whatnerd

6. Fights & Action

A world of ninjas & ninjutsu, fights & action can never bore you. Naruto has some great fights and action scenes with different villains. Moreover, the attacks & powers shown in the ninja world are truly amazing. From Shadow Clone Jutsu to Rasengan, Sharingan to Rinnegan, every power shown in the series is on a different level. Masashi Kishimoto has done a great job in creating this world-class shonen anime.

Naruto Baryon Mode fighting with Susano of Sasuke, Image via
Susano vs Kurama, Image via

Rasengan is just another great jutsu attack like Kamehameha, that every other fan has tried in his childhood. Also, every fan has tried to perform shadow clone just like our hero.

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